The Collaborative has been working for a number of years with area law enforcement, governmental, health care, and social services agencies to identify the needs of trafficked persons and develop a local, multi-disciplinary response.

Cleveland's Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking includes nearly 30 organizations and agencies seeking to address the complexities of this crime.  

Visit www.happensheretoo.org to learn more.

Coming together after the 6th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Program at Cleveland City Hall

to Keep A Light Shining in 2017 for all those impacted by this crime. www.HappensHereToo.org

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Human trafficking is today’s practice of slavery. It is involuntary servitude and it is happening today around the world, across the United States, and in Ohio.  Those subjected to the crime are exploited through forced labor and commercial sex for another's financial gain. Victims include children and adults, men and women, and U.S. citizens as well as foreign born individuals.

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking in northeast Ohio supports the fundamental human right to freedom by educating and advocating for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons.

The operative word in our name is “Collaborative”—we recognize that only in partnership with others can we ever hope to end human trafficking.